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Career Coaching

Career Coaching

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7-week customized career coaching program and done-for-you professional branding service designed to help healthcare job seekers accelerate their careers and transition to the next best-fit role in the industry using our Career Acceleration Framework.

Career Acceleration Framework‚ĄĘ

  • Gain¬†clarity¬†on what you want out of your healthcare career and the type of work that would be most fulfilling based on your strengths and preferences
  • Develop a targeted job search¬†strategy¬†to pinpoint the types of roles and companies you should target
  • Create your professional¬†branding¬†materials (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile) to position you to land interviews for your next best-fit role
  • Merge¬†preparation and execution¬†to boost your interviewing confidence and learn how to effectively prepare, ace the job interview, and land the right offer!

The Program

Week 1: Career Clarity
Take a deep dive through a series of exercises into your career-to-date and your professional and personal goals to develop a clear picture of where you are and an action plan to get you where you aspire to be. Walk away with a renewed sense of purpose with clear direction to ensure long-term career satisfaction.
Week 2: Job Search Strategy
Develop your job search strategy and determine the types of roles you should target that best align with your skills, experience, preferences, and goals. Walk away with an action plan to confidently approach your job search and effectively evaluate openings.

Week 3 ‚Äď 5: Professional Branding
Once you determine the next steps in your healthcare career, we will create your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile for you that can be tailored to different positions based on the job function you decide to pursue.

Week 6: Interview Preparation
Learn how to answer the most common questions, identify the types of questions you will be asked, and prepare answers that clearly communicate your value and sell everything you have to offer. Walk away with an action plan to confidently approach your next interview and land your dream healthcare job!

On-going support via email between calls and extended support for a full week through week 7

Week 7: Coaching Engagement Ends

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